Invite Pollinators

A Great Concern

The way we treat our yards can be detrimental to the environment and the well-being of wildlife, as well as our families and pets. The decline of species, and especially the drastic decrease of insects and pollinators, should be a concern for everyone. The good news is that our yards can also lead the way to the restoration of our environment. All we have to do is…...less.

Area Rug

Consider your lawn as an area rug, rather than a wall-to-wall carpet, with enough vegetative growth around it for animals and pollinators to shelter and nest. Don’t clean all the dead branches and leaves. These provide valuable habitat for pollinators. And, most important: don’t use toxins. Whatever sales literature tells you, there is NO “safe” pesticide that targets a single species.

Plant Natives and Pollinator Plants

Pollinators are insects like bees and butterflies, that bring pollen from one plant to another. Pollinators enable the growth of fruit and the propagating plants. Without pollinators we would have very little fruit and vegetables to harvest. Without pollinators we lose songbirds and other wildlife that depend on pollinators as their food source. A healthy yard needs pollinators. Inviting pollinators in your yard is easy. We have a list with beautiful, easy and deer resistant plants that attract bees and butterflies. If you plant them, the pollinators will come.

Consider your lawn as an area rug, with enough vegetatieve growth

around it for animals and pollinators to shelter and rest