Native Species: Save water and limit toxins in your yard, provide food and shelter to native birds, butterflies and wildlife. Save money, save time and create beautiful yards

So, why not, go native!?

Go Native

A healthy yard is full of plants and trees that are supported by the natural environment, provide food and habitat for pollinators and wildlife, and do not require costly and polluting measures to allow them to thrive.

Native species are species that are adapted to the local weather, to the local soil and to the other plants and animals indigenous to the area in which they evolved. As a result, once native species are established they require much less maintenance than non-native species. They need less watering, little or no pesticides and fertilizers, and less trimming and upkeep. They also provide food and shelter for multiple species of birds, butterflies and other native wildlife, and they do not spread and choke out other plants like many non-native, invasive species do.