Common Invasives in our Area

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Invite Pollinators


Help butterflies, bees and the birds by creating healthy yards. Learn what to plant and what not.

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Plant Wisely


With the right flowers and plants you will use less water, less toxins and safe money.

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Avoid Pesticides


Pesticides are harmful. Healthy yards don’t need pesticides. Find out why and how.

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Go Native


Native plants are adapted to our environment and they are a great choice to support wildlife.

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Love Leaves


Fallen leaves are good for your yard.They feed and protect the soil. Don’t blow, but mulch and mow!

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Healthy Lawns


Our lawns are the single biggest and most toxic crop in the USA. Create healthier

lawns with these tips.

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Use Better Equipment


Better equipment enhances air quality and energy use. Electric models have improved.

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Talk To Your Landscaper


Let your landscaper know you want a healthier yard. How to start a conversation with your landscaper?

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