Changing our yard practices might be the easiest and most rewarding way to fight climate change!

Who doesn't love a green and healthy environment? So why do we have landscaping habits that are harming the environment and our health? Here are some facts:


  • Lawns are the single most toxic crop in this country.
  • Our landscaping equipment is extremely polluting
  • Our yards are the biggest source of unnecessary water usage.
  • Our yards and homes are the greatest cause of habitat loss for wildlife.


The good news is that it is very easy to restore our natural environment and still enjoy a beautiful yard. We just have to change some of our habits. On this website you find all the information you need to make these changes. Still questions? Please contact us: info@healthyyards.org


We invite everyone in our country to start their own local Healthy Yards program. We can connect you with all our sources and our directories. Look under 'For Organizations' for more information.