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Better Practices

To improve sustainability in your company you might need to replace some of the old practices with new, more sustainable practices. Some of these sustainable practices require more manual work. This will not always be welcomed and discussion might be needed in order to find the best way to implement these more sustainable practices. We think the next changes should be possible to make over time, without too much effort.

Better Equipment

For lawn maintanance: Replace old and inefficient gasoline powered engines and power tools with electric ones.

Electric equipment has made great progress, and performs comparable to gas-powered equipment.


Mulching, Areation And Composting

replace leaf blowing with leaf mowing/mulching and replace pesticide use with mulching, aeriation and edging

Seasonal Services


For seasonal service in spring:

  • Hand clean debris.
  • Offer dense planting or seeding instead of wood mulching.
  • Offer seeding, planting.
  • Add compost to the soil if needed.
  • Ariate the lawn.
  • Prune and shear shrubs.


For seasonal service in summer:

  • Deadhead flowers to prolong flowering time.
  • Hand-weed invasives and weeds.


For seasonal service in fall:

  • Mow leaves on lawn-area.
  • Offer leaf-mulching for plant and shrub areas.

Offer grass re-seeding.

  • Offer planting of shrubs and bulbs.
  • Pick up branches, create wood pile.
  • Add compost to the soil if needed.

Communication With Homeowners

If your client already loves the look of a natural looking garden, you will have no problem implementing sustainable changes, but if homeowners prefer their yard to look clean and formal, you can suggest to have a small part of the property cleaned and designed in a way that satisfies their need for order.

Explain that the look of a less perfect lawn can be compensated. Good hedges, well maintained shrubs and clean edging can give a property formality. Ornamental grasses and shrubs, strategically placed in natural flowerbeds, can also create a sense of order and symmetry.

More Knwoledge Through The Internet

On the internet you will be able to find all the information in order to become a more environmentally friendly company. We like to hear from you what works and what doesn't, so we can help each other to make a succesful transition.

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