Public Gardens in Westchester

For information about how and when to visit these gardens please click on the pictures:

Residential Gardens in Westchester

Privately owned gardens with sustainable landscaping. These gardens can be visited on open days. If you like your garden on our list, just let us know. To receive information about open days please go to:

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Invite Pollinators


Help butterflies, bees and the birds by creating healthy yards. Learn what to plant and what not.

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Plant Wisely


With the right flowers and plants you will use less water, less toxins and safe money.

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Avoid Pesticides


Pesticides are harmful. Healthy yards don’t need pesticides. Find out why and how.

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Go Native


Native plants are adapted to our environment and they are a great choice to support wildlife.

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Love Leaves


Fallen leaves are good for your yard.They feed and protect the soil. Don’t blow, but mulch and mow!

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Healthy Lawns


Our lawns are the single biggest and most toxic crop in the USA. Create healthier

lawns with these tips.

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Use Better Equipment


Better equipment enhances air quality and energy use. Electric models have improved.

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Talk To Your Landscaper


Let your landscaper know you want a healthier yard. How to start a conversation with your landscaper?

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