Plant Wisely

The saying “right plant, right place” is the key to healthy yards.

Plants, shrubs and trees grow well when they like the local climate, soil and wildlife. If you have chosen a plant or shrub that requires fertilizers, pesticides, or extra watering, it might not the best plant or shrub for your location. Plant Wisely means nothing more than using plantings tailored

to your yard’s conditions. This explains why native plants are so important. Native plants are naturally adapted to sustain local

weather and soil conditions. They also perform the vital function of providing a food source or breeding habitat for important native pollinators, some of whom, like the Monarch butterfly, are very plant specific.

However, there are some issues that must be kept in mind when planning your garden bed:


Deer browsing in our area has become a serious threat to our environment. There are only two practical solutions to the deer problem for someone who owns a yard:

Create a physical border at least eight feet high.

Use deer resistant plants.


Many plant species, that have been brought in from other parts of the world, now take over much of our native environment,. Westchester has a fair share of them. The best way to deal with invasives is to remove them and replace them with vigorous and dense sustainable plantings.

The landscaping tradition

Unfortunately many landscapers do not take into account the benefits of sustainable maintenance. Also, when designing landscapes for their customers, native and other environmentally appropriate plants sometimes forgotten.

Wise planting results in easier gardening. Once you have picked the right plants, they will take care of themselves!

We as homeowners have a responsibility to be the stewards of our own land, and that may mean directing your landscaper to adopt sustainable, healthy, landscaping practices.

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