Healthier yards are good for the environment, for us and for the landscapers.

Talk To Your Landscaper

Many of us have help with our yards including weekly mowing, seasonal clean-up and planting. Most employees of landscaping companies are hard working, they make many hours doing physically demanding work. But often they have very limited knowledge of horticulture. They are maintenance technicians, rather than landscapers. Most of them are unaware that their practices are not only unhealthy for our yards, but are unhealthy for them as well.

Talk with your landscaper and let them know that you want a healthier yard. Don’t take “no” or “it won’t work” for an answer. These practices do work and all our recommendations are based on science and best practices.

We are working on a program together with landscapers to improve knowlege about more sustainable practices, so don’t hesistate to direct your landscapers to the 'professional' pages of our website

If for some reason, your landscaper doesn't respond to your wishes, you can use our directory to find a landscaper who is already familiar with sustainable practices :