Who Are We?


Healthy Yards is an organization of professional and master gardeners, and garden "passionates" in the Westchester area.

We are located in the town of Bedford and we work as a Land and Water Use Task Force together with Bedford2020.


Why Healthy Yards?


Our climate is changing and our environment faces serious challenges. Yet, everyone of us, even those with the smallest of backyards, can reduce their carbon footprint significantly by employing sustainable yard practices.

The commitment of Healthy Yards is to help people change from harmful yard practices, which produce greenhouse gases and endangers wildlife, to healthy yard practices, that do exactly the opposite.


Healthy Yards don't just reduce carbon emissions. Healthy Yards can extract CO2 from the air and store it in the soil. Healthy Yards bring back wildlife and help create a more resilient habitat, which is better equipped to fight future droughts and flooding.


And of course, Healthy Yards are beautiful!